Shannon McGlathery | Artist


Amongst friends and colleagues, Shannon is known as a man of two brains: He’s that rare individual comfortable with both science and art.

That combination certainly made for early, angsty college choices — but eventually became the fuel that has defined his career and life.

At the UCSD School of Medicine, he researched neuroanatomy, thrived and was published, but found that lab life wasn’t as satisfying as he’d dreamed.

So he took a leap. Changed everything up, and put both sides of his brain to work in concert.

And that was it. He’s since worked in scientific illustration, fell in love with the Internet, become a successful designer and digital strategist — all while continuing to push the envelope and further develop his artwork.

Taking his vast interactive, artistic and scientific background, he developed a something remarkable: One-of-a-kind artworks, completely customizable and math-based, that can be keyed by the personal choices of either the artist or the client.

Shannon’s interactive custom artwork ranges from the size of a billboard to palm-sized jewels, each piece a celebration of science, math, technology and design. The process between client and artist is actually part of each piece — a more personal and interactive approach to artwork that both he and his clients find deeply satisfying.

For more than 20 years, Shannon’s unique perspective has brought color, life and stories to walls in show homes, corporate headquarters, universities — and even on one memorable occasion, the side of a bus.

Central to his personal life in San Diego is his wife and two girls. His passion for art, surfing, code, film, travel, good food – and an amazing assortment of inspirational characters he is happy to call friends makes for one good, well-balanced life.