Stunning mathematically-based blends of color and design, each work of art is unique to the time and date it was created. Our clients may even choose the size, a palette, inspiration or memory for a personalized and more interactive process to acquiring a work of art perfectly suited to their space and life.



The first time I saw the elliptical floral pattern emerging on the screen of my computer I was hooked. I was 12 and had found an article in my parent's Scientific American about choatic math equations.
Applying my training as a painter, I've written chaotic math algorithms to make art. While there is an intentional element of randomness in the algorithms there is even more intentionality. I am using composition, color, and texture to create a feeling.
Each time I change the math and run my code I have a feeling in mind I am. trying to create. Often the math does not cooperate, and I have to scrap the image. But when it does come together it is pure creative joy.
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For clients looking for a more personal, interactive experience or for representatives and designers acquiring an artwork or an artwork series specific to a space, institution or location, I welcome your ideas. Big or small, single piece or a larger series, I would love to work with you.